Raymor – Chance On Love (Music Video)

Raymor – Say It (Music Video)
June 20, 2018

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Check out Raymor performing his single, Chance On Love. The video sits deep in the heart of Downtown San Diego on a beautiful day. This lovely R&B tune is a special love song for the brokenhearted. Take a chance on love.

Performed by Raymor
Written by Maskerade, Corly Made It & Raymor
Produced by Maskerade & Corly Made It

Verse 1
You keep trying to figure out
Just what this man’s about
I’m not gonna hurt you
I’m ready to love you
And I won’t desert you baby
If you could read my mind
If you could see inside
There’s so much more to like
If you just let me in baby

Maybe you should take a chance on love
You gotta chance babe
Girl you should take it
Just give me your heart babe
I ain’t gonna break it
What you’re feeling for me might be love
What you been feeling
I think it’s real babe
If you’ve been broken
I’ll make it heal babe

Verse 2
I know you wanna guard yourself
So you put your love on a shelf
Cause you gotta baby
And your baby daddy
Be driving you crazy
I know just what you need
Don’t you settle for anything
And I’ll show you what love can be
If you just let me in


I don’t wanna hurt you
I just wanna show you this could be love
Baby girl let me love you


I know you wanna guard yourself
Don’t you put your love on a shelf

Produced and recorded at Vendor Music Compound. All Rights Reserved 2018 Vendor Music. For licensing and booking please contact us at http://iamraymor.com/contact/

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